Most Industrial disputes can be resolved by mediation and some form of alternative dispute resolution should always be considered prior to commencing litigation.


Court proceedings are costly and add stress to an already tense dispute. Most people prefer agreeing to a reasonable settlement reached by compromise rather than a protracted court battle. At Carson and Associates, we are skilled and experienced negotiators and able to help you to achieve a negotiated outcome in your circumstances.


At Carson and Associates, we promote alternative dispute resolution options such as conciliation and mediation to help you achieve a reasonable, timely and cost effective solution to your legal problem. Alternative Dispute Resolution works best when you are well prepared and armed with practical and sensible legal advice. At Carson and Associates, we care about giving you the right advice.


Mediation is conducted by an impartial moderator known as a mediator. The mediator does not have the power to make any decisions and does not take sides. The mediator's role is to help disputing parties reach a compromise agreement and facilitates discussions to that end.


There are a variety of commercial and corporate mediation service providers available and we will help you to select the right mediation service for your dispute.


We are able to attend the mediation with you, to advise you on the process and the advocate on your behalf in the mediation.


You should obtain legal advice before undertaking mediation.

Following a successful mediation the agreement should be formalised by way of a contract or binding agreement such as a deed of release signed by all of the relevant parties to the agreement. We can assist you with the preparation, execution and implementation of the formal agreement

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